12x3 Range

12m x 3m Portable Buildings

“Your New 12 X 3m Portable Building Comes with a Range of Floor Plans that Suit Every Situation”

The 12 x 3 building is great as a tiny home, with plenty of space to create your home away from home. This building is also very popular with businesses as its size makes it ideal for a site office as it can include a lunchroom, bathroom, and a separate office area all in the one building.

The range of floor plans available for this building makes it the perfect option as a rental, providing an option for a secondary income.
The flexibility in floor plans, means that this building can be fully customised to suit a teenager’s retreat, granny flat or guest house.

A big winner with middle-aged professionals who own their own house and want their parents close by, and businesses who want more space instantly, the ‘Home Away From Home’ granny flat is a great investment in your property or business, and is waiting for you right now!