Advantages of Out-Back

Advantages of our Affordable Portable Buildings

There are a lot of different options on the market when it comes to transportable and relocatable cabins, office buildings, granny flats, sheds or any type of modular portable building. It’s hard to know what to look for and who to trust.

There are a lot of portable building manufacturers to choose from, but we want to reassure our customers that we pride ourselves on honesty and integrity.

Here are our five top reasons as to why we think you should choose Out-Back Portable Buildings .  

“Top 5 Advantages of an Out-Back Portable Building Granny Flat or Portable Building”

1. Our buildings are fully custom built to suit your needs

All of our buildings are built to order, after a thorough consultation period. This is to ensure that the building is designed for purpose and meets your exact requirements.

2. Our buildings are engineered for durability

Our buildings are constructed from a welded steel frame, a strong skid base and made from Australian steel. We always use skilled tradespeople to ensure quality of construction.

3. Our buildings provide a solid return on investment 

Our buildings are a great option to generate a secondary income. In some cases our buildings have received a 30- 50% return on investment in a single year.

Out-Back Portable Buildings are so confident in the resale value of our buildings, that we guarantee buy back at any stage if you wish to sell your building.

4. We are local business supporting local suppliers

Based in the Adelaide Hills we are a local business, utilising quality local trades and local suppliers wherever possible. Community is important to us; we like to do our best to support the local industry.

5. Our buildings are energy efficient

We can provide options for insulation, double glazed windows and energy efficient appliances. These buildings can be perfect off grid solutions.