Floor Plans

Out-Back Portable Buildings provide a wide range of floor plan options catering to meet your need. If you have a vision in mind, contact us today about our customisation options! 

Ablution Block Floor Plans

We provide businesses with a versatile portable ablution and toilet blocks, offering both long-term and short-term sanitation solutions. We also offer customisation options, including disability access, ensuring out prefabricated buildings are tailored to meet your requirements. 

3 x 2.4 Ablution Block

6 x 3 Ablution Block

9 x 3 Ablution Block

12 x 3 Ablution Block

Cabin Floor Plans

Our versatile portable cabins can be used for a multitude of purposes, ranging from granny flats to home offices, guest houses to teenage retreats. With our expertise, we can design and construct a living space that aligns with exactly what you need! 

6 x 3 Cabin

10 x 3 Cabin

10 x 4 Cabin

12 x 4 Cabin

Office Building Floor Plans

Our office buildings come in a range of different sizes and can integrate a variety of features such as bathrooms, disabled facilities, kitchenettes and much more! 

6 x 3 Site Office

9 x 3 Open Plan Office

12 x 3 Open Plan Office

Residential Building Floor Plans

Whether you require a housing solution for the short-term or long-term, we specialise in creating custom residential transportable homes designed to meet your needs! 

6 Metres

6 x 3 Teenage Retreat

6 x 3 Studio Apartment

9 Metres

9 x 3 Self Contained Granny Flat

9 x 3 Two Room Apartment

12 Metres

12 x 3 Teenage Retreat

12 x 3 Tiny Home 2-Bedroom,

12 x 3 Park Home With Ensuite

Extended Range

12 x 3.5 Tiny Home 2-Bedroom

14 x 4 2-Bedroom with Laundry

9 x 6 2-Bedroom

12 x 6 3-Bedroom

Workers Accommodation Floor Plans

Our prefabricated workers accommodation buildings are specifically designed for ease of construction, delivery and installation. 

6 x 3 Worker Quarter

9 x 3 Worker Quarter

12 x 3 Worker Quarter

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